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Gigler Fibre is currently only available over the UK’s largest Pure Fibre Network in Bournemouth.

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Welcome to the Gigabit Web

Gigler believes that everyone should be able to enjoy the best possible service regardless of how much you use the web. That's why we have just one unbeatable product.

Available from as little as £12.50 a month

What Is A Gigabit

We want to introduce you to the Gigabit. If you’re used to hearing about the Megabit when it comes to broadband speeds, its simple, the Gigabit is 1000 times better!

Gigler believes “The Gig” is the future, that’s why we offer all our customers up to 1 Gigabit per second download speeds that are more than 100 times the UK’s average speeds.

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Before it was boring because you had to wait. Now it’s exciting because you don’t!

Alan L, Bournemouth.